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Remco de Goede


Welcome to my website

My name is Remco de Goede  I was born in 1981 in the village Zuidland. I live in "Berkel" &"Rodenrijs"  a small village between Rotterdam and the Hague in the Netherlands.  

My interest in bunkers started when I as a small boy visiting with my parents  the former Dutch Marine base in "Hellevoetsluis" . It was very exciting to visit all the dark bunkers and I wanted to visit the bunkers as much as possible.  When  I visited my grandparents I always wanted to visit the bunkers of the "Hollandsche Waterlinie" alongside the motorway.

At the age of 19 I started working near to the village of "Oostvoorne" and during my  lunch times I often visited some bunkers in the backyards  of local houses.  I soon realised that there  had to be  more "Atlantikwall" bunkers. 


Around this time the internet showed some sites about bunkers but there was not that much info available as it is the case today. Therefore I started to collect as much informations  and books about the topic as possible and from that moment the "bunkervirus" captured me and hasn't left me ever since  I started the fieldwork with limited information.

In January 2007 I started this website,the first 9 years it was a very basic HTML design but I didn't have enough knowledge to build a "fancy" website.

Over  the years  I  have made hundreds (maybe even thousands) of trips to Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France to visit German bunkers.

Once a month I went for a quick bunker trip to France. In 2016 there were  about 25.000 pictures of bunkers on this website. This is only a small collection of all the pictures I made during my trips.


Since 2016 I have had  a drone (DJI Pantom 3) which I use to make movies and pictures from bunkers from the air, which give a nice overview of batteries etc.

Over the years I met a lot of other people which are also interested in the topic and made lots of new friends. I even met  "big names"  that you only know as writers of the bunkerbooks. 

In 2008 we created with some bunkerfriends the Dutch "fortificatieforum" which is now the best place in the Neterlands and Belgium if you want info about bunkers or other fortifications. It has hundreds of members interested in bunkers/fortresses.

As from 2008 I also started my research after the bunkers build in "park Overvoorde" in the dutch city of Rijswijk (next to the Hague). Very little was know about this location where I'm one of the volunteers at the local bunkermuseum.

The research was closed in 2014 when I finished the results of my research in a book: Park Overvoorde tijdens de Tweede wereldoorlog en Koude Oorlog".













The website is renewed in 2016 and has new features like kmz. files of almost al locations which gives the exact loation of the bunkers.


I'm available for all your questions regarding bunkers via the contactpage on the website or by email or facebook.

Please be safe when entering bunkers as you can seriously hurt yourselve, always bring a back up light and better take always someone with you who can help you if you are in problems.


Leave nothing but footprints in the bunkers, so the next generations can also discover them.


Best regards.

Remco de Goede 

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