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Fuhrer Hauptquartier

      Wolfsschlucht 2

Red = Fuhrerhauptquartier Wolfsschlucht 2

Blue = Flak Batterie

Yellow = MG bunkers

Green = MG bunker with Drei of Sechs Schartenturm

During the capture of different  European countries Hilter wanted to have a bunker which was located  near the front line and  at the same time safe.  "Fuhrerhauptquartier (FHQ) ". From this FHQ he would have been able  lead the war.  "Wolfsschlucht 2" is near a small French village  by the name of "Margival"  (Picardie) The "2"  after "Wolfsschlucht" is simply there to clarify that it was bunker number 2 because there already was a "Wolfsschlucht 1". " Wolfsschlucht 1" was located in Belgium, not far away from the French border. From "Wolfschlucht 1" the command was given for the invasion of France. "Wolfschlucht 1" was a lot smaller than "Wolfschlucht 2". It only consisted of  a few buildings. Near the area of Tours (France) the Germans also started to build a "Wolfsschlucht 3" but that building was never completed.

"Wolfsschlucht 2" was built for the  preparation of the invasion of Great Britain (Operation "Seelowe"). The complex  "Wolfsschlucht 2" is about 5 kms long and 2 kms wide (see  the map above). A lot  of very large bunkers were built at this location including a few "Grossbunkers" with measurements from sometimes more than hundred meters long. A special "Führerbunker" was built. This bunker was specially designed for Hitler. The area near the FHQ was strongly  defended by 18 light and heavy Flakbatteries, there were 10 bunkers for heavy machine guns which were armored plated,  there were 5 bunkers for heavy machine guns with "drei schartenturm" (armoured coupola with three openings for a heavy MG),  there was 1 bunker for a heavy machine gun with "sechsschartenturm" (type 114) and some other bunkers for heavy guns. Even though the complex was heavy defended Hitler only visited the location once. His visit was only  for a few hours. On 17th June 1944 Hitler had a meeting with different generals about the allied invasion in Normandie.

All bunkers are  still there today and  they are in a very good condition.  The bunkers  can still be visited. The presence of  well conditioned bunker types,  the beautiful surroundings makes it a very attractive place to visit. This is real 'heaven on earth ' for every bunkerfreak.
In spring 2007 I visited this location  for the first time. In spring 2010 I returned to visit the locations  I  had missed during my first visit . In 2013 I revisited the location for a third time to spot the last missing locations.

During my second visit  a lot of things had changed, the headquarter itself ("Innere bereich") can no longer be seen. In 2017 I visited the location for the the fourth time and I made drone videos. 

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